The Commerce Platform for Connected Cars

Unlock New Streams of Revenue
Through our Networks of Cars
For Retailers
Let the grab their purchases on-the-go with convenient in-car pickup coordination
For Restaurants
Connect your POS an menus in minutes
For Parking Operators
Let drivers find and pay for parking spots effortlessly from your dashboard
For Car Services Providers
Co-locate your EV charging stations with food options while they travel, Sell Micro-insurance, Find Car Washes and more
With as our partner, our goal is to develop an intuitive, two-tap solution that streamlines how information is presented and transactions are confirmed.
Dan Roarty,
Chief Digital Officer at Flash
The OnMyWay in-dash is the perfect platform to realize how micro insurance can make parking, an essential part of driving, easier and more secure.
Andrew Drake,
CEO & Co-Founder at Harmonic